Guide To Rainy Day Activities on the Sunshine Coast

YES!!! It rains on the Sunshine Coast! We call it liquid Sunshine…..

Don’t panic! This rainy day activities guide will save the day!

This list was created out of necessity for our guests during rainy holidays and weekends here on the ‘Sunshine’ Coast.

There is something for the kids and a few experiences for us adults too!

Sunshine Coast Cinemas

There are various Cinemas all over the Sunshine Coast. I have listed the main ones but the absolute pick is Maroochydore at the Plaza.

Where To Shop On Rainy Days

There are two ways to look at shopping on rainy days! One way is go for the dry shopping experience and the other is to look for the less busy shopping opportunity!

Sunshine Coast Shopping Options For Rainy Days

Other Rainy Day Activities and Ideas

  • Try a Day Spa – there are plenty to choose from around the Sunshine Coast.
  • Take them to The Beach – you will get wet anyway, so what’s the difference! In the summer it’s hot even when it rains and you’ll have the place to yourself! Especially if it clears up during the day!
  • Our heated pool at San Marino is always enjoyable rain or sunshine.
  • Go for a walk in Hinterland Rainforest. You’ll get the real rainforest feel!
  • Take the kids to one of the Sunshine Coast Libraries where you can read or use the computers.
  • Hire a DVD movie or Xbox game to play
  • Play some Board Games or Cards with the family

Sunhine Coast Rain or Shine Ideas

You can still enjoy some of the usual Sunshine Coast attractions and tours if it is raining. Obviously if it is very heavy rain you have to consider things like water visibility if you are going diving or snorkelling or general visibility for views if you are going sightseeing. But a little rain shouldn’t put you off.

Sunshine Coast Theme Parks In the Rain

When it rains at the Theme Parks it can actually be good!

The key is to be prepared so make sure you take your own rain coat. You can buy one use thin plastic capes but they are expensive and very annoying once you have unpacked them! Try getting them back into their bag!

Light rain or showers usually indicates there will be less people at the theme parks.

Some of the rides close when it rains or in high winds. This is more important at Aussie World. I find that Australia Zoo and Underwater World is pretty good as there is lots of animal action and shows to see.

A real bonus is when it rains in the morning early but clears up by around 11am. That can be a great time to be in the Theme Parks as most people have made other plans!

By the time they realise that the weather is okay to go to the theme parks, they either don’t bother or come later. Either way you get to do more and have more fun with less people!



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I am a Qld Sunshine Coast resident and have travelled extensively.
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    Have you ever raced karts at the Big Kart Track on a rainy day – excellent fun 🙂

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